"Black Tear" (Self Titled)

Track 1) Have you seen my darkness
Track 2) Do you like me? I don't.
Track 3) Thats not a snake
Track 4) Hybernating in the cave of lonliness.
Track 5) When darkness gets darker
Track 6) Black death bel Grande
Track 7) A smidge of Dispairia
Track 8) Friendless with nothing to wear.
Track 9) I lost the bet on happiness.

The Croquettes

The Groovies

1) It's groovy bein' groovy
2) Happiness is a 9 letter word
3) licking toads on uncle jer's farm
4) Are you really my cousin
5) psychedelic spring time star gazer
6) Flower patch love parade
6) Sunshine happy toadstool delight
7) Lets all do it together
8) All aboard the peacebong

In the photograph above we see the materialisation
medium Tasha M and Prof. Randy F. Hill producing
ectoplasm - or "teleplasm", as it is often referred to
- under strict controlled test conditions. The
ectoplasm is emanating from their mouths and in this
form it is quite transparent, very similar in
appearance and texture to chiffon.
In this particular experiment, carried out 13th April
1929, we see Prof. Randy F. Hill holding the right
hand of Tasha M. forming a physic parallel in which
the spirits (or ectoplasm) respond to in there similar
dualistic formations.

The photograph was taken in complete darkness using
infra red plates.

Calebaba is a highly revered & feared spiritual leader and world teacher, whose amazing life, message, and physique are inspiring millions of people throughout the world to turn God-ward (Calebala-ward) and lead more purposeful attractive lives. His never failing copyrighted teachings, along with the manner in which he lives with many women, are converting seekers of Truth from all the religions of the world. Yet, he is not seeking to start a world domineering religion. Nor does he wish to direct followers into any sort of poison drinking zombie cult. Rather, he urges us to continue along the path of his low cost pleasure packed religion giving up our earthly possessions (unto his ministries) and following a strict regiment of diet, exercise and beautification procedures in hopes of being selected as one of his divine companions.

In His Loving Name


Self portrait of when Natasha and I rode my hog across
the great 48. - The Plow

A tribute to the artist David Allan Peters.